Roof Snow Removal For Homes & Businesses

If you've ever shoveled after a big snowstorm, you know just how heavy that fluffy white powder can be. Now imagine all that weight on your roof! Flat roofs—common in commercial structures and large apartment complexes—are especially susceptible to potential snow damage and collapse, as they have no natural slope for snow to slide down. Additionally, while most residential homes in Connecticut are outfitted with a steep-sloping roof that discourages snow from sticking, you still have to watch out for the warning signs of snowy buildup.


How Much Snow Is ... Too Much?

Most roofs are designed to handle excess snow and weight, but the initial step in preventing roof damage after a heavy snowfall is to understand the load-bearing capacity of your roof. One cubic foot of powdery snow weighs about six to eight pounds. That same mass of wet snow can clock in around fifteen to twenty pounds, and ice can weigh up to sixty. Calculate the square footage of your roof's surface, along with the estimated amount (and type) of snow, and you will have some idea of what's currently hanging over your head. As a general rule, if snow accumulation exceeds 18 inches high on a low-sloped roof, you should seek removal services.

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Warning Signs of Too Much Pressure on Your Roof

Some initial warning signs that there is too much snow on your roof include: interior doors that are hard to open, windows hard to open, visible sagging, roof leaks, cracks developing in walls or around windows, and creaking or popping sounds. You should also be especially careful if there is any chance that interior load-bearing walls were improperly removed during a renovation. This is often a main culprit for roof collapses.

Our Professional Snow Removal Services

If you're concerned that your roof may be reaching its breaking point, don't pick up the ladder. Snow removal from the roof can be a dangerous job, especially when ice and sleet is combined to make conditions even slipperier. Walking or adding extra weight (of equipment, for example) on the roof is highly unadvisable as it could create load-imbalances.

Please contact us at any time for emergency snow removal services from commercial or residential roofs. Our professional team has the tools and experience to safely remove excessive snow weight from your roof.