What You Need To Know About EPDM Rubber Roofing

Commercial buildings, homes or structures with flat roofs often benefit from rubber roofing solutions. Though the concept of a durable roof is not new, the materials and installation techniques are new to the building industry but yield positive results. Rubber roofing is a blend of materials involving EPDM rubber. This is a synthetic rubber called ethylene propylene diene monomer. In the past, this rubber was used as an indoor sealant but has grown to have application as a roofing system.

Installation Preferences

The features that made EPDM a popular sealant are what make it favored as a roof covering. Roofing applications range from RVs, houses and commercial buildings given the adaptability of the materials and installation process. It is easy to install, lowering the cost of labor for a roofing project. The materials that comprise the mixture are also recycled benefiting both the environment and the homeowner’s budget. Installers are able to lay the roof using adhesives like rubber glue rather than individually nailing shingles or laying tiles.

Benefits of Installation

Rubber roofing is extremely durable, potentially lasting for 50 years. It is resistant to the damage often done by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun as well as harsh weather conditions like wind and rain. Flat roofs benefit from water resistance and a water-tight seal of the membrane, lowering the possibility of leaks and water damage. The rubber is flexible and moves as the temperature fluctuates, reducing tears and cracks.

Need for Maintenance

You can maximize the longevity of your EPDM roof by making sure it receives proper maintenance each year. It can attract dust, grime and dirt, which can create problems over time. Have the roof cleaned every quarter to give it the best defense against wear and tear. Adding a sealant or latex covering can help your rubber roof last longer.

Turn to a roofing professional for the roofing installation and maintenance. Taking good care of the roof will help the roof take good care of your home or building.