Hiring a commercial roofing company to perform maintenance on your business’s roof involves a certain level of trust, because you are probably not going to climb up on the roof behind your professional to ensure competency (Please don’t – it’s super dangerous). Instead, you need to trust that the company doing the job will perform a thorough assessment of your company’s roof in its entirety to ensure not only safety, but a maximum lifespan for the roof itself. So, what can you expect that roofing professional to do while he or she is up there?

Perform a Visual Inspection

Typically the first thing any roofer will do when performing preventative maintenance or assessing the condition of your business’s roof is eyeball the situation and look for obvious signs of damage. He or she will be on the lookout for holes, leaks, rips, tears, missing shingles or anything else that may indicate a problem.

Clean Up the Scene

After the visual inspection, a commercial roofing professional will typically start removing any branches, leaves or other debris that may have collected on your business’s roof over time. He or she, too, will likely inspect any gutters or drainage systems you have in place to make sure things are flowing properly. Back-ups in gutters can cause water to pool on your business’s roof, which can lead to leaks and potentially hazardous mold issues.

Produce a Report

Upon conclusion of checking out your business’s roof, you can expect a report detailing your roofing contractor’s findings. The report should include information about, and photos of, any damage uncovered during the inspection, and it may, too, recommend a course of action for fixing these problems or preventing them moving forward.

While it is never, ever a good idea to climb up and assess your own roof, it is a particularly bad idea when your business is on the line. Always make sure to have a qualified, well-trained commercial roofing contractor do the job to ensure not only thoroughness, but safety.