What To Do When Your Flat Roof Needs Repairs

Buildings with flat roofs are prone to water-related issues such as mold, water damage and leaks. Luckily, the right roofing material can prevent many leaks, and some simple repair methods can keep your flat roof performing well for decades to come.

Some of the common types of roofing used on flat or low-sloped commercial buildings include EPDM rubber membrane, TPO membrane roof, and torch down roof. All of these should be waterproof and have been installed in a watertight manner, making leaks an uncommon occurrence.

When Water Gets In

Even with high-grade materials and proper installation, water can sometimes find its way through roofing materials due to small tears or weakened adhesion, and the issue needs to be addressed quickly before costly or even irreparable damage is done. While different roofing methods and materials have qualities that can present unique challenges, they have enough similarities to make repairs similar in most situations.

Diagnosis and Repair

To diagnose a leak, experts will first ask about the age of the roof and gather information about its condition. Fortunately, a flat roof can make it easier to detect the source of water, because a low slope means water does not travel far from its original point before entering the structure.

When repairing a flat-topped roof, professionals will ensure the area around the leak is cleaned and free of moisture and dust. A torch down roof material can be installed over existing membranes and provide protection that may be up to four times stronger than traditional sealants and can increase the longevity of the roof by decades. 

Durable and long-lasting roofing should remain in a top-performing and sturdy condition for as long as half a century after installation. When materials are compromised, it’s important to mend lacerations and strengthen weaknesses to mitigate damage and loss. With a bit of maintenance and some well-timed repairs, the roof material should stay sturdy and durable for a remarkably long time.