While it may seem as if winter was just here, it is slowly sneaking up again. Freezing temperatures, stormy weather, and torrential winds can all batter your home’s roof, and that can mean problems. To protect your home against the bitter months ahead, there are some simple steps you need to take to get your roof ready for winter. So, as October’s days begin to cool, you need to consider how to help your roofing fabric protect you and your family all winter long.

Home Maintenance

Homeowners know the importance of a home maintenance program, but many forget to look to the top of their house to check on the roof. Schedule an inspection by a qualified roofing company each October or November to check for leaks, broken shingles, cracked tiles, or even missing sections of flashing. If you have icy winters or heavy snowfalls, it is critical to know the condition of your roof’s gutters, sheeting, underlayment, and eaves. Valley’s and facia should also be checked because these are areas that can break down easily under heavy snows or the intrusion of icy water.

Roof Replacement

Although many manufacturing companies claim roofing fabrics last for 30 years, the truth is that winter and summer weather conditions have a big impact on the life span of the materials. If a close inspection of your roof finds areas that need replacement, or if there are missing shingles and tiles, fixing the problem before winter strikes can save you time and money.

Working with a qualified roofing company to make sure you have a roof ready for winter is as easy as giving a nearby company a call and scheduling an inspection. Although winter can be harsh on your home’s roofing fabric, you can be prepared before the storms hit. Keep your family safe by having your roof inspected today to ensure you have peace of mind all winter long.