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Keep Your Roof Safe From Snow and Ice

Whether you’re preparing for a blizzard or already enjoying a winter wonderland of snow and ice, you may not realize that your roof could be in danger. A light snowfall won’t have an effect on your roof, but a heavy blizzard could cause dangerous amounts of snow to build on your roof, causing a collapse in extreme cases. Keep your roof safe from snow and ice this year by hiring a professional snow removal service.

Heavy Snow and Ice

When snow compresses, particularly when it turns into ice, the weight can become extreme. While most homes in areas of the country that experience snowfall are designed with heavy snow in mind, some homes are at risk of a collapsed roof. If a homeowner removed load-bearing walls without proper support, your roof could be unsupported enough to crack.

More likely, extreme amounts of snow can create ice dams. Without professional snow removal, an ice dam can block melted snow from running off your roof. Pools of water begin to form, which could leak into your home and damage your drywall, insulation and other areas of your home.

How to Remove Snow From Your Roof

The first step of snow removal should be to contact a professional. If there’s enough snow and ice for you to be concerned about the weight, it’s far too much to attempt to remove safely on your own. Professional roofing contractors have the right gear to safely clear your roof without falling or causing a minor avalanche of snow to fall and hurt someone.

If you’re concerned about the amount of snow on your roof, don’t wait until it causes damage to your roof. Contact a roofing contractor today for an inspection of your roof. If there’s enough snow for professional removal, you’ll receive an estimate and be able to enjoy a snow-free roof safely and efficiently.