3 Reasons To Choose EPDM Rubber Roofing

While a favored choice for flat roofs, ethylene propylene diene monomer roofing is a common choice for any roofing need. This rubber roofing, typically referred to as EPDM, was originally manufactured for indoor applications like household appliance hoses or the seals on car doors. However, time has proved it to be an excellent option for a number of roofing applications.

1. Consistent Performance

When property owners look for a way to repair their roof or have a new one installed, there are two things that generally come to mind as priorities. The overall cost of the project and the longevity of the roof tend to be primary concerns. Though all roofing solutions will provide protection to the structure of the home and the contents within, EPDM is consistently given a high rating for durability and performance. In particular, this roofing offers extreme weather and water resistance.

2. All-Around Consistency

One of the great benefits of using rubber roofing is the all-around adaptability for a variety of roofing structures and the consistency that remains regardless of application. The material is able to handle extreme heat or cold, as the rubber is flexible and moves to adapt to the conditions. It also has a strong alkaline and acid resistance, which leaves it resistant to deterioration from snow or rain. This is important for those with flat roofs, as water tends to pool up in locations across the roof and increases the risk of premature deterioration.

3.  Trustworthy Longevity

Rubber roofing comes in many different brands, but they all boast extremely long lifespans. This is true regardless of the climate or conditions where you live. Adding a protective sealant over the top of the roof can extend the lifespan, but durability is inherent in the product through the flexible nature of the rubber and the tight water seals created.

EPDM is a budget-friendly solution to all kinds of roofing needs. Using a professional installer will ensure the roof is laid correctly, giving you maximum peace of mind concerning protection and longevity.