Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Waterbury, CT


Got a roofing project on your hands and not sure where to turn? Just look to your trusty neighbor to the north! Conveniently located just a short drive from West Haven, Kings Roofing is a family-owned and operated business based in Hamden, CT. We specialize in a number of commercial flat roofing systems and are ready to get started on your job today!


Our Main Commercial Roofing Services

The vast square footage associated with commercial and industrial buildings make them ideal candidates for flat roofing systems. Not only are they more cost effective and easier to install than the pitched roof system, but a flat roof system also allows for easy access for repairs and maintenance as well as provides sufficient space for required equipment, which could include vents and exhaust systems or even PV panels and green roof materials.

We’re well versed in a number of flat roofing systems and have the experience and expertise to install a vast variety of materials. Our most common roofing systems include:

  •     EPDM Roofs
  •     White TPO Roofs
  •    Torch Down Roofs
  •    Hot Tar Roofs
  •    Metal Roofs

Each of these materials provides first and foremost the most necessary feature of a roofing system: to keep the structure and its interior components dry, safe and protected from extreme weather. The significant variations lie with the actual components of the material.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roofs are made from the combination of ethylene and propylene. When merged, the two elements create an incredibly sturdy and durable synthetic rubber membrane. Similar to the EPDM roof, a white TPO roof is also made of ethylene and propylene rubber, but with hot-air weldable seams – often referred to as the “seamless” roof.

The torch down roofing system is made up of layers of asphalt and reinforcing plies. When installed, the sheets are torched down in an overlapping pattern to create a large waterproof rubber sheet over a fiberglass base. The hot tar system also utilizes asphalt, but instead the system is built up of multiple layers to create a complete, waterproof structure – also often referred to as a “built up roof” or “BUR”.

An emerging trend on the commercial roofing market is the metal roof. This can be made of aluminum, copper, steel or other materials. In addition to providing high durability and fire resistance, metal roofs are also aesthetically pleasing and lightweight.