Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Newington, CT


Looking for professional commercial flat roofing services in Newington, CT? With more than 40 years experience, our family-owned and operated company has the experience and knowledge to provide you with top quality results you’ll be 110% percent satisfied with. Our diverse expertise can guide you towards the right material option for your project and are present throughout the entire process – from design to installation, maintenance and repair. We guarantee our services because we treat each project as though it’s our own family’s home.

Kings Roofing Commercial Flat Roofing Services

You may be unsure of which roofing material will be the right fit for your structure. To begin, commercial roofing typically entails a flat-sloped system. As commercial structures tend to have extensive square footage, this makes a sloped roof system cost prohibitive, difficult to install, offers limited access for maintenance and can be difficult to repair. Flat roofs, on the other hand, come in a wide variety of durable materials. As the roofs don’t typically feature a grade for precipitation to naturally run off of, waterproofness of materials is vital.

With such extensive experience, we are skilled in installing and repairing a wide variety of flat roof materials. The most common installations include: hot tar systems, torch down systems, EPDM systems and white TPO systems. Our services, however, are not limited to these options and we encourage you to contact us should you have a question or concern about Kings commercial flat roofing services.

The basics of our most common services include:

  •         Hot tar system: commonly used throughout the U.S. for the past 100 years, layers of fiberglass-based asphalt and reinforcing plies to create a sturdy, durable, waterproof material to protect your structure.
  •         Torch down systems: similar to the hot tar system, but this includes the “torching down” of overlapping materials to create a virtually seamless waterproof sheet above a fiberglass base.
  •         EPDM systems: short for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, EPDM roofs are widely used in many modern commercial structures, this is comprised of ethylene and propylene which are fused together to create an exceptionally sturdy synthetic rubber membrane to protect the structure from water and extreme weather. 
  •         White TPO systems: short for thermoplastic, TPO systems are comprised of a single-ply membrane made of ethylene and propylene. The seams are fused together to create an essentially seamless material that is not only waterproof, but also fire resistant, protects from algae, chemicals and provides good flexibility for building movement.