Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Meriden, CT


EPDM Roofs

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roofs are a popular commercial roofing option, offering a number of benefits and features to create a sturdy and versatile system you can feel secure with. EPDM roofs are composed primarily of two elements – ethylene and propylene, which merge to form an incredibly durable waterproof rubber membrane. Additionally, these systems are easier to install, maintain and repair than many other types of commercial flat roofs.

Torch Down Roofs

As with the hot tar system, the torch down roof is made up of multiple layers of asphalt with reinforcing plies. The difference, however, lies with the method of application. In the torch down roof system, the sheets are actually torched in the overlapping areas during the installation to create an essentially seamless, waterproof shield with a fiberglass base.

White TPO Systems

A TPO (thermoplastic) roof system also utilizes ethylene and propylene to create a single-ply rubber membrane. This creates a waterproof and durable base in which the seams are then welded together with hot air to create a virtually seamless roof system. The TPO system is highly resistant to tears, punctures, water, fire, chemicals, and extreme weather. Additionally, a white TPO roof provides the added benefit of heat reflection, and thus has the potential to reduce heat gains and cooling costs.

Hot Tar Roof System

One of the most widely used roof systems through the U.S., the hot tar roof material is made of a multi-ply roof system, otherwise referred to as “built up roof” or “BUR”. Asphalt is layered with reinforcing plies to create a complete waterproof roof that is durable, versatile and inexpensive to install 

Why Choose A Flat Roof System?

These flat roof systems are ideal for large commercial buildings because these structures tend to have expansive square footage. Thus, a sloped roof would be incredibly costly and difficult to install. Additionally, a flat roof system offers easy access for maintenance and ample space to install further equipment such as an AC vent, exhaust pipe, green roof system or PV panels.