Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Wallingford, CT


Looking for professional, top-quality commercial flat roofing right in your own backyard? With more than 40 years experience providing excellent service and performance to the community in Hamden, CT, Kings Roofing is the right choice for your next project. While we specialize in all types of residential and commercial roofing, our most common commercial flat roof services include EPDM, White TPO, Hot Tar, and Torch Down.


Why Should You Install A Flat Roof On Your Commercial Building?

While it may be possible to install a sloped roof on a commercial building, typically a flat roof will prove be the most efficient and cost-effective solution. As industrial, commercial and manufacturing structures tend to have a large square footage, installing a sloped roof would be more expensive, difficult to construct, maintain and repair and does not provide an easy to use space for equipment such as AC vents or exhausts. Additionally, as increasing attention is being paid to more sustainable technologies to reduce energy usage or integrate better stormwater management. Flat roofs allow for easy installation of green innovations such as PV panels or green roof materials.

Our Top Commercial Flat Roofing Services Explained

If you aren’t familiar with flat roofing materials, our experts are here to help. Here is a brief introduction to our most commonly used materials. As well, for more information please feel free to contact us so that we can guide you through the process of design and installation in addition to maintenance and repair. Whether you’re installing a brand new roof or replacing an existing one, Kings Roofing has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Our most popular commercial flat roofing materials include:

  1. Hot Tar Systems: This time-tested material has been widely used on commercial structures throughout the U.S. for nearly the past century. The installation process entails building up multiple layers of fiberglass-based asphalt with reinforcing plies and can also be referred to as a “built up roof” or simply “BUR”.
  2. Torch Down Systems: As with hot tar, the torch down flat roofing system also utilizes multiple layers of asphalt with reinforcing plies. With this option, however, the overlapping areas and “torched down” – hence the name – to create an essentially seamless rubber sheath over a fiberglass base.
  3. White TPO Systems: TPO, or “thermoplastic”, flat roof systems are an emerging trend on the commercial market. Comprised of a single-ply synthetic rubber layer made of ethylene and propylene in which the seams are welded together with hot air, this system is often advertised as a “seamless” roof system.
  4. EPDM Systems: One of our most popular of all flat roofing materials, EPDM roofs are often praised for their ease of installation, maintenance and repair compared to other systems. Short for “ethylene propylene diene terpolymer”, EPDM roofs are primarily composed of ethylene and propylene. When merged together, the result is an incredible sturdy rubber membrane.

Each of these materials is able to protect your structure from wind, water and other harsh weather such as snow, to keep the interior and inhabitants dry. In addition, both the EPDM and TPO systems are available in white color, which provides added benefits for reducing heat transfer, especially on hot summer days. The white color reflects the sun’s rays and thus can reduce cooling costs and energy bills.