Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Danbury, CT


With the city’s convenient location just 70 miles outside of New York City, Danbury is a great option for commercial enterprises. Whether you’re look to build a new, or update an old, Kings Roofing is here to put the cherry on top of your structure. We specialize in commercial flat roofing projects in a wide variety of materials.

King Roofing Commercial Flat Roofing Services

With our extensive experience, we are able to install and repair a multitude of materials. Our most commonly installed include:

  1. Hot tar systems: This is one of the most commonly utilized flat roofing materials throughout the U.S. for nearly the past century. If you’ve been in a commercial building before, there is a good chance it has a hot tar roof. Often referred to as a built up roof or simply, BUR, these systems are made of multiple layers of fiberglass-based asphalt with reinforcing plies to create multiple durable, waterproof layers to protect your structure and its interior from extreme weather, wind and water.
  2. Torch down systems: As with the hot tar system, the torch down also utilizes layers of hot asphalt with reinforcing plies. The difference here, however, is during the installation process. As the sheets are applied, they are “torched down” on the overlapping areas to join seams together and create a sturdy, completely seamless layer. These are often available in two-layer and three-layer options.
  3. EPDM systems: One of the most popular systems for commercial roofing today, EPDM systems are praised for their high durability and versatility. They are also usually easier to install, maintain and repair than comparable commercial roofing materials. The main ingredients of an EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, roof are ethylene and propylene. When fused together, the result is an astoundingly durable synthetic rubber membrane.

4. White TPO systems: TPO, or thermoplastic, roofs are also made of ethylene and propylene, but this single-play membrane is also welded together with hot air at the seams to create a perfectly seamless material allowing for no water infiltration.

Why Choose A Flat Roof For Your Commercial Project?

The flat roof is typically an ideal choice for a commercial project for a few reasons. Firstly, the expansive size of commercial structures typically makes a sloped roof both extremely expensive and incredibly difficult to install. Additionally, there is limited access for maintenance or repair, with the potential to add unwanted costs to your roofing bill. Flat roofs also provide ample space for equipment, such as AC vents or exhaust, or sustainable technologies such as green roofs or PV panels that are not only good for the environment, but can shave big figures off of your energy bill.