Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Bridgeport, CT


Let Kings Roofing provide you with our expert services on your next project in Connecticut’s largest city. We specialize in a number of commercial flat roofing services – including design, installation, maintenance and repair. Our most common services include:

  •         EPDM Roofing Systems: If you’re looking for an incredibly durable and versatile roofing material, EPDM is an ideal choice! Short for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, EPDM roofs are a commonly used material in commercial buildings today. The main ingredients include ethylene and propylene, which when combined create a sturdy synthetic rubber membrane that has the waterproof qualities necessary for a roofing material and is often easier to install, maintain and repair compared to other commercial roofing options. EPDM roofs come in two colors: black or white, and allow you to choose between a selection of widths and two thicknesses: 45 or 60 mils.
  •         White TPO Systems: Similar to the EPDM system, thermoplastic, or TPO, are created with ethylene propylene rubber. The difference here, however, is that this single-ply membrane is welded together with hot air at the seams resulting in an incredibly watertight, seamless material. TPO systems are also often praised for its superior fire, algae and chemical resistant properties. In addition, when opting for the white system, this can help to reduce heat gains. The color will reflect the suns rays and thus heat transfer inside of the structure will be limited – good for the environment and energy costs!
  •         Hot Tar Systems: One of the most widely used materials throughout the U.S. for the past century, hot tar systems are a time-tested, durable material that provides the necessary waterproof qualities expected from any roofing system. The application entails layering of asphalt and reinforcing plies to create waterproof layers. This is also often referred to as a “built up system” or “BUR”.
  •         Torch Down Roofs: Also made up of asphalt and reinforcing plies, torch down systems get their name from the actual application process. As the materials are laid, overlapping areas are “torched down” to join seams resulting in an expansive rubber sheet that is waterproof, and adds additional strength and durability to your flat roof.
  •          Metal Roofs: Metal roofs – typically made of aluminum, copper or steel – offer ease of installation, high durability, fire resistance and are often more lightweight than other roofing materials. Additionally, metal roofs have an added aesthetic appeal to boost the appearance of your commercial center while still providing the protective qualities required by a roofing system.